Happy New Year for 2017

Al and myself would like to wish you all a happy and a prosperous 2017 when it comes. It’s going to be a busy year for us and we’re really hoping to meet some of you on our travels.

All the best



  1. Thank you Larry. I’ve added some dates this year for Newfoundland. Here’s hoping that one of these days I can do a full tour of Canada also. It’s a beautiful country and I’d love to spend time there for both work and personal reasons. All the best, Isla.


    1. Hi Joy,
      I’ve no confirmed dates coming up for the UK as yet but we are working on putting some shows together in the UK. If you periodically check the tourdates page I’ll add the latest dates in there as the shows are confirmed.
      Isla x


  2. Hello Isla,

    I recently became a big fan of you the first time I heard “Single Yellow Rose”. I love you and your music!!

    Please let me know if/when you get to/around Sault Ste Marie, Ontario. I would love to see you in concert.

    Until then, “we’ll meet again my friend”.


    1. Hi Leah,
      Thank you for the kind comments! It’s great to hear you are enjoying the music, it’s why we do it ultimately. Would love to get some dates in around Ontario. Hopefully we’ll meet soon!
      Isla x


  3. Hi Isla you wont remember me but i was your first fan in my part of Ireland(west)i just heard one of your songs played on our local radio station and from that day to today I have been one your biggest fan …………………………………….I am so happy that you are so huge all over the world , and you deserve it you have the most beautiful natural voice in this big world and such a great songwriter no one to touch you . …………………. You have written some of the most beautiful songs in this world to day and to see how well you have got on Isla you really earned it, but you got up there with all the greats … Well Done Isla ..From your number one fan in Ireland …………………….Sadie ….


  4. Hi Isla
    Enjoyed yr concert at Twin Towns Gold Coast. I just love your singing. I am a great country fan.
    The one song Al made you sing…he said it was a yodeling song. I Loved it and I am trying to find out the name of the song. You go up really high “need you, go on needing you”. What is tthe song called….cheer xx to you and Al..x


    1. Hi Linda.
      Thank you, really glad you enjoyed the show! The song is called “Love Me” by Marty Robbins. Thanks for coming along to the show and for taking the time to post on my blog.
      Isla x


  5. Hi Isla we see that you are coming to my town in Ireland we just booked our tickets to day 10.2.1918. looking forward so much to seeing you . I have tried to email you a few times but i dont think you got them . My claim to fame is that i was your first Fan in Ireland . I heard you on the local radio station ((mid west radio)) one day , and i phoned up to see how was that lovely lady that sang, and they told me it was you . I then looked and looked till i got your Cd which was first class and all your music is .. You are such a gifted songwriter and singer . Well isla i played your Cd in our little shop we had , people would ask me who is that lovely singer , then you came to our town and lots of people went to see you from hearing you in our shop they all loved your voice and songs , I then met you the next day as you were leaving the town to go to another place and we had coffee and it made my day to have met you ………… We cant wait to see you in march in Westport town please God ….. Good luck to you and AL on your tour in Ireland …………God Bless your number i fan in west of Ireland …………………S …


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