And relax…

Hi folks, hope all is ok with you. I’ve just finished my tours of Ireland and the UK. We had an amazing time and it’s all thanks to everyone who came along to the shows,what a fantastic welcome we got from everyone. Now it’s time to relax until May when I will be recording a show with Daniel O’Donnell in Derry. After that I will be presenting about eight shows for Keltic Country on Sky 389 so that’s super exciting.

I start filming a new DVD this summer and recording a new album so it’s going to be a very busy year, will catch up with you all soon.

Isla x


  1. Isla , I hope that you enjoy your well deserved rest .Will your show in Derry with Daniel O Donnell be available to buy on dvd ? I will look forward to buying your new dvd & cd .


  2. You all deserve a good rest. Enjoy it while you can. Will look forward to buying your new DVD and cd

    When they become available. Bye. Jo


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