“Live on Stage” DVD and “Dream of Me” CD Added


I’ve now added my new “Live on Stage” DVD onto the site online shop. It’s a live DVD featuring special guests Daniel O’Donnell and Al Grant. I had a great time performing this show, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

I’ve also added my new CD “Dream of Me” which features a blend of my own original material and some of my favourite songs from other artists.

There’s also two original Isla Grant poems which have been printed on high quality paper and laminated.

Hope to see you all on the road sometime soon.


Isla x


  1. I have just ordered your new DVD , CD & your poems can’t wait to receive them I know that I will enjoy them very much . again good luck with your tour and I hope that you have a safe journey .


    1. Dear Isla I just had to let you know how much I love your new CD & DVD they are fantastic wonderful great just love your cover version of Bruce Springsteen’s ” Tougher Than The Rest ” your Poem’s are aslo beautiful .


    2. Just letting you know that your latest DVD” Live on Stage “and your CD” Dream of Me ” are excellent hope you don’t mind me saying that for me your ” Dream of Me ” is my favourite ever CD that you have done but saying that to me you have never made a bad CD or DVD ever , your concerts are excellent . Take care and stay safe .


    1. I cannot put into words what your songs and music means to me you are so talented thank you for all you do , I hope you go on forever singing your beautiful songs .


  2. Hi Isla,Good Luck with your tour and safe journeys.I just love your songs I live in Canada moved from Scotland here in 1973 I have just been diagnosed with Aggressive Breast Cancer and I have listened to your song I’m A Survior and now say this is my song as I am going to fight and survive this,One of my other favourites is Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,Thank you so much for the beautiful songs,my husband and I play them every day,you are such a wonderful singer.


  3. Isla i truly like your songs. It’s so meaningful. Your voice the words music and tunes blends perfectly. Compliments muchly to your band members! Great drummer accordionist violinist and paeticularly i dont know the instrument name.. looks like a small banjo guitar where the gentleman uses the pick to ‘tickle’ the strings continuously. My favourite are many but one in particular is Mother. Do you accept donations as i listen to your songs on Youtube…..


  4. Hello Isla. My 2 favourite artists of All Time are

    Isla Grant, and

    Ollie Austen.

    Your songs are very emotive, but put me in a very good place. May the sun keeping shining on you and tan that :’golden’ God given voice that brings pleasure and contentment to so many. God bless you Isla.



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